Migs Blog: Spoiling Lulu!

January 23, 2017

So my wife and I are complete suckers when we go into a pet store.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Petsmart, Petco, Mudbay or any other store…once we set foot in that establishment; we are buying our pup a bunch of stuff.

On Saturday… we went next level with our purchases.  Mind you, our only goal was to grab her some dog food at Petsmart.  We get that, and then see a stuffed toy that looks like corn.  Of course we have to get that. Lulu loves to eat vegtables (not kidding), so we already have a stuffed broccoli for her.

Then we decided that today was the day to get Lulu a new bed.  So we go to the back and look at all the beds…we don’t see one that we like.  So instead of just chalking it up to it not being the day to get her a new bed, we decide “Hey, Petco is a couple blocks away…lets go there.  Please understand that she doesn’t really need a bed, as she sleeps in bed with us. So it’s more like we are getting her a puppy couch…and it’s rare that she is not chilling on the couch with us.  Regardless…we are getting her that bed…er…couch…er…temporary spot she lies when we are doing the dishes.

So we go into Petco, we find her the bed…in addition to finding her a stuffed toy that looks like a banana, and a pink vest for our walks when it’s cold out.

Now…the purchases didn’t stop there.  Sometimes it’s pretty cold or wet outside, so we decided to buy her some boots to see if she would actually wear them on the walks.  Based on this video I put together…I have a feeling that these boots won’t be used much!