Migs Blog: Steven Adler Returns To G N R!

July 7, 2016

Last night something truly incredible happened for us music fans.  I will try my best not to gush about this, but for anyone that knows me…you will understand why this is such a musical moment.

I have been a lifelong Guns N’Roses fan.  Like many of you, Appetite For Destruction is one of the greatest, and most important records that I have ever listened to.  It’s the gold standard.  It’s when the band was firing on all cylinders.  It had EVERYTHING to do with the 5 members that played on that record.  Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven…definitely Steven. 

Steven Adler is my drumming idol.  He was the heart and soul of that record…the groove he laid down is second to none.  Steven was the epitome of a drummer serving the song.  He didn’t need to show off what he could do, he laid a foundation for the songs to shine.  This album, and his drumming had a profound influence on how I play the drums. 

So when Guns N Roses shocked the world and said that Axl, Slash, and Duff have decided to get back together and play music…I was beyond geeked out about this, but in the back of my mind all I could think was, “what about Steven?”  Sure…I would also love to see Izzy up there with the guys (I could do a whole blog on why Izzy is such a huge member of G N R and their sound, but I’ll save that for another day haha), but he chose to not be a part of this.  I respect that.

Steven on the other hand has wanted nothing more than to play in G N R again since he was kicked out of the band back in 1990.  Steven has battled demons, and has thankfully been doing well these days.  I have been lucky to have met Steven when we had him in studio, and he is the nicest dude you will meet.  You could tell during our interview (and any interview he has done) that he just wants to get behind the kit with the boys again.  I saw his band Adler’s Appetite play before, and Steven still sounds great behind the kit.

Last night I am on twitter, and my jaw dropped when I saw this tweet by Guns N Roses…

Steven joined them on stage in Cincinnati and played 2 songs, “Out Ta Get Me” & “My Michelle”…I watched them this morning, and I had goose bumps the whole time.  Steven’s smile while he is playing brought me, and I am sure many like me, so much joy.  I would be lying to say that I didn’t get misty eyed at the end of “My Michelle” when you can see that Steven is fighting back tears. 

Here is a fan shot footage from his performance last night…

Steven sounds great…and he makes them sound so damn good! The heartbeat of the band was back for a couple songs…I only hope this leads to him playing more with them!