Migs Blog: A Story About Young Migs

May 3, 2016

I’d like to share a story of when I was a kid.  I hope you enjoy it!

I grew up in Brooklyn New York, and I would like to think that I lived in a safe neighborhood, but whenever I share stories of my life growing up…from time to time I get looks from people that think I grew up in a warzone.  I guess that is all relative.  Did I hear gun shots outside my home, sure…but rarely.  Have I ever been mugged, yes…a couple times.  And that is what this blog will be about. 

As a kid I was mugged 3 times.  I had a knife pulled on me once and handed over my bus fare (probably 75 cents), I was surrounded by a group of kids once and threatened to hand over my watch and my San Diego Padres hat…I refused and said they would have to beat me up to get them (as they were a gift from my brother).  I think that weirded them out and thankfully a group of people walked by and they took off. 

The final time I had it.  I decided to pack a weapon.  A gun?  Nope…I was like 14.  A knife?  I did own a Rambo style knife, but my mom would kill me if I took that out of the house.  So I got my hands on one of those expandable batons (or billy club or blackjack…I still to this day don’t know the actual name of them). 

I carried this everywhere with me, and one day it paid off.  I got off the bus to go hang at my bud David’s house.  As I was walking, 2 people (a little older than me) came up to me and I will never forget the conversation:

Bad guys:  Cool Shoes (I was wearing NIKE Air Flights, and yes…they were cool, and expensive…my mom dropped nearly $100 on them…and this is back in the late 80’s).

Me: Thanks.

Bad guys: Let me try them on.

Me: Uh.. no.

Bad guys:  C’mon, let me try them on. 

Me: No.

Bad guys:  I will let you hold my shoes… I just want to try them on.

Me: (at this moment I am holding the baton in my jacket pocket, shaking) No man…they won’t fit you.

Bad guys: Give me your shoes.  I have a gun.

At this moment he is pointing at his waist where I guess a gun would be, but he was a husky kid wearing a “shmedium” shirt so there was no visible signs of a bulge.  At that point my fear turned to anger… I whipped out that baton and snapped it open…both of the kid’s eyes popped out of their head, and they started running!

That is when the adrenaline kicked in…I went from potential victim to being on the attack and I started chasing them.  I should have just let well enough alone, but I was a dumb kid with power in my hands.  The whole time I am chasing them, I am yelling “Where’s your gun now Mother Effer!”

At this point a guy pulled up in his jeep and asked if I was OK.  I said I was, and he said that he saw the whole thing unfold and was rather entertained.  I yelled at him (still high on adrenaline) about why he didn’t help, and his response was classic… “It looked like you had it all under control by the time I made it to you”.  This whole exchange felt like an eternity, but apparently he watched it all while sitting at the red light.

Why do I bring all of this up?  Well this morning we talked about a  31-year-old guy in Florida that has been spying on women in department stores.  He uses a bogus story about his wife, to get them to try on clothes for him, but last week he ran into a woman he'd already scammed.  So she chased him out of the store, and filmed the whole thing on her phone. 

As she is chasing him, it brought me back to where my head was at with that attempted sneaker theft.  Her voice goes from panic to attack mode as she quickly gains the power in the situation.

Here is the video…it’s NSFW due to some strong language, but listen to her voice at the end.  Props to her for standing strong, and shame on people in the store for not at least trying to shut it down!