Migs Blog: Streaker At A Football Game

September 13, 2016

I’ll get this out of the way first…I know streaking at sporting events is bad…m’kay!



This one is awesome.  It’s awesome for no other reason other than how the announcer on the radio handled it.

Streakers happen all the time, and when they do…the TV network will intentionally cut away from it and not show it.  I get it.  They don’t want “copy catters” looking for their 15 minutes of streaking fame.  Last night this very thing happened, as a fan ran out on the field during the 49’ers beat down of the Rams (28-0…ouch!).  ESPN didn’t show it…but on the radio, announcer Kevin Harlan not only addressed it, but he gave the most glorious play by play that you will ever hear!

Check it out…

No…of course fans recorded the streaker, and props to the guy that matched the fan shot video with Kevin’s call…enjoy!

Speaking of football... the Seahawks just unveiled their Color Rush jerseys for the Thursday night Football game against the Rams in December...and I honestly thought I would hate it (as I hated those lime green jerseys they wore many seasons ago before they changed the look of their jerseys)...but I really dig them!  

I was on the fence about ordering one...but this put me over the edge... "One hundred percent of the NFL's proceeds from the sale of Color Rush jerseys will go directly to the NFL Foundation to fund health, safety, and wellness programs for youth around the country."

I think I will get Kam's, as I love what he said about the jerseys...“I love it...I think that green looks good on a dark-skinned brother like me. I like it, man. Overall, it’s a real bright color, but I like it. I like how they got a little bit of blue on it just to make it pop out a little bit, and the helmet with it makes it look good."