Migs Blog: Summer Meltdown

August 14, 2017

Over the weekend I checked out an awesome music festival in Darrington Washington!

It’s called Summer Meltdown, and for years Thee Ted Smith has been raving about this festival and trying to get me to check it out.  This year I did, and I now get why he loves it.  Awesome music, a relaxed environment, and great vibes.

The second you enter the camp grounds, you are greeted by the nicest group of people working…from the ticket takers to the security, everyone’s attitude was full of positivity.  You truly feel like you have left the fast paced world that we are all living in, and entered a slower environment where everyone seems to be going with the flow.  It also helped that cell service was at a minimum, as it was refreshing to barely see anyone walking around with a cell phone in their hands. 

The music ranged from jam bands to folk music to EDM…and everyone was groovin’ to the music!

There were three highlights of the weekend for me…

  1. All of the cool people that I met.  I crashed in Ted’s RV and hung out with his Meltdown crew…I knew only a couple of them going into it, and had a blast meeting everyone else.  By the end of the weekend my face hurt from laughing as much as I did.
  2. The river.  On Saturday we all went down to the river, and that was the most relaxing few hours I have had in a while. Plus I ran into one of the first housemates that I ever had when I moved to Seattle.  Very random! I haven’t seen him in nearly 20 years, so it was cool to reconnect!
  3. The forest stage.  Summer Meltdown has a few stages, a main stage…a stage in the bar (where Bob Marley’s band, The Wailers, played...which was incredible to see live)…a late night stage…and a forest stage.  The forest stage is in the middle of the woods…surrounded by trees…it was an awesome backdrop and the acoustics in the forest were perfect!  I saw a band called Oso play there (I saw them on both Friday & Saturday night), and they were amazing!

Check out how cool the forest stage looked…

Next year…keep this weekend free as you definitely want to check it out.  If you like going off the grid, hanging with good buds, making new friends, and enjoying great music…you will absolutely love Summer Meltdown.

Get more info at SummerMeltdownFest.com, and here is a cool video they put out that will give you a taste of what Meltdown is all about…