Migs Blog: SUPERFEKTA Rules!

February 16, 2017

Massive thanks to the fellas in SUPERFEKTA for hanging out on the Migs Cast!

Not only did they help me pay off a bet by being my backing band as I did my “best” Madonna impression…they also performed a few of their own songs, and it was AWESOME!

I’ve known Kyyle, their front man, for years…I met him when he was a teenager, about 17 years ago he was pulled on stage by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day (along with their drummer, Mike) at the Key Arena to play with the band, as they cover “Knowledge” by Operation Ivy.  I tracked Kyyle down at the show, and then had him on my old morning show when I worked at The End.  Green Day does this all the time…but how crazy is it that they pulled up 2 friends (and band mates) to play bass and drums…and those guys are still making music in SUPERFEKTA.

The story is pretty awesome, and we chatted about it on the Migs Cast, which you can listen to HERE.

Kyyle, Kris, Mike, and Matt also performed a few songs acoustic…this is a new one called “Only One”…

I love the call and response to this one, “El Stupido”….

This song has such a killer vibe, it's "Mexico"...

They also did a killer cover of the Foo Fighters song, "My Hero"....

Oh, in case you haven’t seen it…here is my performance with SUPERFEKTA, as we cover Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”.  You can read all about the bet HERE).

In a couple weeks, SUPERFEKTA is playing a show with three other awesome bands: Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage, Woodshed, and Devils Hunt Me Down.  They are playing at Tony V’s Garage on 2/25!