Migs Blog: Syztem7

April 19, 2017

Big thanks to the fellas in Syztem7 for joining us on the Migs Cast yesterday.  Syztem7 has been a part of the local music scene for over 15 years…and I was super excited to have them hang with us on the cast! 

I am always a fan of having fun with whatever guests we have on the show…and yesterday was no exception…massive points to Jason, Jaymz, and Nate…as I was able to convince a heavy industrial band to strip down and do it acoustic…and it was AWESOME!

Also on this week’s episode of the Migs Cast, we chat with Billy & Reilly from Mary Mart Pot Shop (3002 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA) for dropping by to chat about 4/20, the international pot smokers day (which is tomorrow), and we learn about a new way you can get stoned…and it’s gonna blow your mind…or your butt! 

Check out this week’s Migs Cast HERE!