Migs Blog: Temple Of The Dog Returns!!!

July 21, 2016

Oh man, yesterday Ryan Castle shared some incredible news with us!  Temple Of The Dog are reuniting to play some shows to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of them putting out one of my all time favorite records. 

Yes…you read that correct… Temple Of The Dog are back, and doing a tour for the first time ever! 

Temple Of The Dog features Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament.

They will be playing Sunday November 20th at The Paramount, and tickets go on sale next Friday.

This is huge…this record not only paid tribute to the late, great, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone…but it planted the seeds that led to Pearl Jam, and introduced us to Eddie Vedder.  How can anyone forget this song…

I sure hope that Eddie will pop up on stage when they perform…I would imagine he will, and I will completely lose my mind at the show if he does!

For those that don’t know…”Temple Of The Dog” is a line from the Mother Love Bone song, “Man Of Golden Words”.

“Wanna show you something like the joy inside my heart

Seems I've been living in the Temple Of The Dog

Where would I live, if I were a man of golden words?

Or would I live at all?”

This text from a Rock-A-Holic sums it up best:  "Steve! I'm so pumped for the Temple of the dog show!!!! It's literally Seattle music history in the making."