Migs Blog: Thank You Marshawn!

May 1, 2017

Massive props to Marshawn Lynch… he might only be here so he doesn’t get fined, but the dude did something really cool for us fans in Seattle.

If you don’t know by now… Marshawn “un-retired” so that he could play for his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders.

As a Hawks fan, it bums me out that we won’t see Beast Mode doing beast Mode things at Century Link Field… but I get it, Oakland is everything for that dude, so the opportunity to end his career with the Raiders makes sense. 

So yesterday, Marshawn bought a full page ad in the Seattle Times, and thanked Seahwks owner, Paul Allen, and also thanked the fans…

I know the idea of him playing in Oakland is tough for some to accept…but watch this video…when you see that giant smile on his face…it made it tough for me to not be happy for the dude. 

Hell, maybe the Hawks will see the Raiders in the Super Bowl…and if that’s the case…let’s hope we watch Lynch on the losing side of the game!  Look, I can be happy for him…but I surely am not hoping he wins a Super Bowl playing against the Hawks!