Migs Blog: Turtle Power?

September 7, 2016

Did you see this story about a turtle?

A 100-year-old pet turtle in California escaped two weeks ago when her owner left the gate open. 

The turtle was missing for 11 days before someone found her … six-and-a-half miles away. 

So why did this turtle go on a 6 ½ mile, 11 day journey?  Because she was feeling a little naughty!

They found the turtle trying to get-it-on with a round drain cover that also kind of looked like a tortoise shell.  You seriously can’t make this up!

The best part about this story… Finally I have a legit reason to play this Turtle making sweet “lub” sound! 

Yes…that is what a turtle sounds like in the throes of turtle passion!  Impressive, and ridiculous…I know.  Even more ridiculous is that someone once took this turtle…uh…power…sound and turned it into an EDM song, and the song is pretty sweet.  Enjoy…