Migs Blog: #WearWhatWeWantWednesday

May 25, 2016

Today might be the best day ever.  If you listen to our show often, you have heard BJ complain about how he needs to be an adult and “stay in his lane” when it comes to what he wears.  He says that if he could, he would basically dress like a skateboarder.

I say, “why not”?

We don’t work in a bank, we don’t have to dress like a business man.  Wear what you want! So I proclaimed today #WearWhatWeWantWednesday

So most of us came in to celebrate the day in true style!

Matt and I decided to be twins!

And of course we had to dance...

As dumb as all of this is, we got this Facebook message and it made all of this truly worth it!!

Plus, getting to do my news cast as Leonardo was a blast!