Migs Blog: We've Got A Great Scene!

January 24, 2017

I was having a conversation with a bud from New York yesterday, and he was asking about the Seattle music scene.  It was interesting as he was under the impression that the scene (for a lack of better terms) “died” after the big boom in the 90’s…ahhh the “Grunge years.” 

That’s not the case at all. 

I explained to him that, yes, the current scene is not being talked about in major music magazines (or hell Time Magazine), and it’s not causing fashion trends (thankfully), but we are in the middle of a special time for music in the Northwest.

I then gave him a list of bands to check out…so I figured for many of you that love music, but might not have had an opportunity to seek out new music in your own back yard, I would share my list with you as well.

WINDOWPANE. Here at KISW you will hear us bang the drum for Windowpane quite often.  Why?  It’s because the (bleeping) deserve it.  I have known Glenn, Tony, Sean, and Mark for many years… I remember seeing them play tiny clubs in the U-District in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and over the years they have only gotten better (which is saying a lot as I thought they were great already).  Their new record, "Windowpane" is their best yet, and it easily the most listened to record I have enjoyed in the last several months.  Check out their new music video for “Underfoot”.  

WYATT OLNEY & THE WRECKAGE.  Over the last year I have become buds with Wyatt, Rob, Kyle, and Willie…but before I met them I was introduced to their music by Glenn from Windowpane.  Their sound has moments that remind me of Iron Maiden (with their twin lead guitar solos), moments that remind me of Coheed & Cambria, moments that even remind me of the good “emo” bands like Taking Back Sunday…but they are not “emo” in the least bit…it’ tough to fully describe…but I 100% suggest seeing them live.  You will leave a fan…I am certain of it. Check out their newest recording (you might even see a couple familiar faces in the video)…it’s called “off The Wagon”, and it’s a killer song.

TEN MILES WIDE. Ten Miles Wide put out one of the best records of the year…and I’m not just talking about on a local level.  Seriously…check out “The Gross”.  First off, if you are a fan of drumming…your head is going to explode by how interesting and incredible Will Andrews is behind the kit.  Powerful songs, with vocals that with leave your jaw dropped.  Check out their song “The Mothership”.

AYRON JONES & THE WAY.  I have been a huge fan of Ayron for a few years now…bluesy, punky, and uplifting are 3 words to describe their music. Ayron was just on The Migs Cast (listen HERE), and if you haven’t jammed out to his music…you are missing out.  Check out “Boys From The Puget Sound”, as this song is an anthem!

There are a ton of other great bands, from December In Red to Mother Crone to Klover Jane to Superfekta to Thunderbeast…the list could go on and on!  Be sure to check out Loud & Local on Sunday nights at 10pm on KISW…as Kevin Diers and Matt Koch do an awesome job curating 2 great hours of local music for you to enjoy!