Migs Blog: What Are You Doing, Marshawn?

January 18, 2017

Ok…maybe Marshawn Lynch needs to “un-retire” and play with the Seahawks again.

Yes, selfishly it would be great to see Beast Mode donning #24 once again for all of us to cheer him on…but mainly I think he should come back for his safety.

Many people have said that boredom will make you do stupid stuff…and this might be an excellent example of that. 

For some reason…Marshawn was spotted in Scotland riding around on a bicycle. 

OK…nothing wrong with that… so far.

In the video you see him popping wheelies.

Ok…not very safe when you don’t have a helmet on, but that’s not too crazy.

Oh yeah…he is also playing chicken with a BUS!  Yup.  Beast Mode is in the middle of a street…doing wheelies…riding towards an oncoming bus!

Check it out!


Come out of retirement  and come back to Seattle Marshawn…it’s for your own safety haha!