Migs Blog: When Animals…uh…Attack?

March 27, 2017

I saw this video this morning and I couldn’t stop laughing!  This family went to one of those parks where animals can just walk up to your car…and one of their kids was NOT feeling it at all!

They are at the Tennessee Safari Park…watch as a llama wants to get some food…a kid freaks out…and the dad just can’t stop laughing!

When that family wonders why their one kid never wants to go on road trips ever again…they can circle back to this moment to understand why!

Have you ever been to one of those parks?  I’ve been to the Olympic Game Farm a couple years ago in Sequim…one of the highlights was driving by as 2 bears appeared to be in the middle of an argument!

Bear debate.

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It’s crazy how close you can get to an animal while there!

Any boogers? #OlympicGameFarm

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