Migs Blog: Worst Cover Band Ever!

January 10, 2017

Ever been in a rut?  Feel like the whole world is collapsing on you?  Feeling anxious? 

Don’t worry…I’m not asking these questions to get you to purchase some magic pill or join some scientology-like religion. 

I ask this because I certainly have those moments as well.  More often than not I have no idea why I am feeling that way…but I have found something that helps get my mind right.

Watching bands do awful covers of popular songs.

I was feeling like crap the other day, and I came across a video that in just a few moments turned my spirit around.  This band was covering a Rage Against The Machine song, and their version was so terrible…that it made me happy.  I swear, it sounds like they are all playing the song…but starting at different times!  Check it out:

I think it instantly reminded me of some terrible musical moments in my drumming “career”, and the struggle of powering through a song when it’s going south… fast!

This also reminded me of my all time favorite cover of a song…and it’s a band covering Pink Floyd.  This one is not as chaotic as the Rage cover, but magical in its own way.

I am so glad that cell phone video cameras and You Tube didn’t exist when I was a kid playing in a band, and doing covers…we would have been You Tube stars if that was the case.

That being said… It’s not like I wasn’t playing some bad original tunes.  Let me remind you of my old high school band… Elderly Destruction (yes that pic above is me at 13 behind a giant drumset)!  Enjoy...