Migs Blog: WWE Smackdown Live!

February 8, 2017

Yesterday the WWE was in town for Smackdown Live, and it was a wrasslin’ day for me!  The day started off with having Baron Corbin on our show…this dude was one of my all-time fave Superstars that I have met…which is saying a lot, as I have been lucky to meet a bunch of wrestlers over the years!


Later on that night, my bud Jim and I went to the Key Arena for Smackdown Live, and 205 Live (their Cruiserweight show on the WWE Network).  I took a bunch of pix…enjoy!

Here I am on the "Road To Wrestlmania"...I chose not to do the obligatory point at the sign pose.  That pose will make an appearance a bunch in my pix ha!

It's always great seeing Washington's own, Daniel Bryan...man I wish he could still wrestle.  Not surprisingly, the crowd was HOT for Daniel!

The Viper striking a pose!

Baron Corbin sending a message for this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV!

Uh oh...I see John Cena!

Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt with the face off!


I still see Cena!

Jack Gallagher from 205 Live taking flight...with an umbrella!

It was a blast going with my dude, Jim!

The dark match (non-televised) was awesome...Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz with Daniel Bryan as the ref!

Of all the pix I took...this one is my fave.  Both Miz and Maryse are rocking an awesome new "No Autographs Please" shirt.  The back of the shirt is awesome, as it says... "I'm so famous that it's pronounced #FaMiz".

I always love seeing the creative signs that wrasslin' fans make...this one made me laugh out loud... it said: "I ate edibles"!

It was awesome running into the 3-2-1 Battle crew after the show.  Thanks for inviting me into the pic, and thanks to Candi for posting this pic!  Go see 3-2-1 Battle this Friday night at Evolv Fitness (1317 Republican St. in Seattle) at 9pm.  Suggested donation is 10 bucks (give more if you can, I always do...as these dudes put their bodies on the line for our entertainment!).