Migs Blog: Your New Action Hero - Migs!

August 9, 2016

Yesterday I did something rather random…

What is going on?  I can’t say…mainly because I am not even sure what we were doing.  All I know is that I am planning on using this footage for my transition into the next big action movie star.  Lookout Jason Bourne…Steve Migs is coming for you!

In all honestly… I really don’t know what this was for, I believe it was for some sort of a commercial…all I know is that my friends asked if I would be a part of a video shoot with former Seahawks Jordan Babineaux & Joe Tafoya, and rapper Kid Sensation …and we get to shoot guns for an “action scene”…uh…hell yeah sign me up. 

Plus there is a baby in this video project.  Yup…we are a group of mercenaries, here to save a baby…or are we? 

I'd like to think that this doesn't need to be stated, but to make it clear...there was no ammunition in our rifles while we were around the baby (or around the public).

Here are some behind the scenes shots of us… once I get the video, I will be sure to post it. 

If you look over Kid Sensation and Jordan babineaux's sdhoulders...you will see a cat... check this cat out...this is some freaky looking stuff!

It was a blast to spend the day with all of these cats!  Hopefully there will be a “sequel” haha!