Migs Plays With Stone Temple Pilots

Migs Blog

August 27, 2018

Pain In the Grass was full of great memories...from watching Alice In Chains crush it on stage...to finally seeing the Cult...to even having my band (Bruiser Brody) open the day on Saturday...but the greatest memory was getting to jump on stage and play with Stone Temple Pilots.

This started many months ago when we chatted with Dean and Eric about the re-issue of their debut record, "Core", and the guys invited me and Glenn Cannon on stage with them the next time they were in town.  We thought they were kidding, but they meant it...and it happened Saturday night. 

This was without a doubt one of the coolest moments of my life, and I still can't believe it happened.  Check it out...

Thanks to Mat Hayward for the cover pic, and also this pic...this I believe was the moment when all my nerves calmed down, as Robert DeLeo looked at me approvingly while saying "F*** Yeah".

Also...big thanks to Vicky B, Danny V, and Uncle Chris for video recording it as it went down!