Migs Is Wrestling At Battlemania!

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March 26, 2018

I am wrestling in a match.

That is a sentence I never thought I would type, but on April 20th you can see me in a tag-team match in BATTLEMANIA, 3-2-1 Battle’s big show that is happening at the Showbox At The Market.  Tickets are available HERE.

Do I think it’s out there, crazy, ridiculous, nuts for a 43 year old fella like myself to decide that now is the time to start wrestling?  Absolutely.  But honestly, I don’t care.  This became a passion of mine several months ago when a bud invited me to take one wrestling class.  I have been involved in the Seattle wrestling scene by being the commisoner of 3-2-1 Battle, and the ring announcer/host of Defy Wrestling, so he thought I would like to experience what wrestling training is like.  I went…and fell in love with it instantly.  I can’t explain it…but I have never felt more alive when I am running the ropes in the ring, taking bumps, and learning new moves.

My goal was never to have a match…just to continue to take classes and learn. 

That all changed last Friday night as I finally had it with the shenanigans of the Hell Fire Club at 3-2-1 Battle…so I announced that I will be joining a team of 3 other wrestlers (my buds Cole Crazy, The Bird, and we still need to find our final partner)…to take on Steve West, Sarian, Sage, and “Uncle Muscles” Allan Jepsen.

Check out the events that transpired this past Friday night…

Big thanks to 3-2-1 Battle's cameraman, Dan Lammers, for the video!

This isn’t the first time that I have had some run in’s with the Hell Fire Club… about a year ago I was first introduced to them when they unwillingly gave me a champagne shower…

Back in January… Sarian decided to super kick me in the face….

As commissioner of @321battle I get to sit in the front row for the night...sometimes that is NOT the best seat in the house...courtesy of the #HellFireClub. #SolidSteel #321battle (video courtesy @legacyx0)

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Those are just a couple of example of these guys getting under my skin…so on April 20th…come see all of us mix it up in the ring for Battlemania!!

Get more info on the show on 3-2-1 Battle’s Facebook Page!

Thanks to Vitz Photos for these pix from Friday Night’s show!