New (Old) Guns N' Roses!

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May 4, 2018

Guns N’ Roses have announced the full details of their deluxe reissue of their 1987 album ‘Appetite For Destruction’.

If you haven’t seen the un-boxing video…it’s pretty awesome…check it out:

I consider ‘Appetite For Destruction’ to be the greatest record from beginning to end…and it’s crazy to think it’s celebrating its 31st anniversary later this year. 

The reissue is due out on June 29th, and it will feature 73 tracks…with 49 of them being previously unreleased songs. Uh….thank you G N R!

Here is one of those unreleased songs, “Shadow Of Your Love”, by Guns N Roses…originally this was recorded back in '86 with producer Mike Clink (the man that produced “Appetite”)…it’s a song that AXL had prior to G N R, with his old band Hollywood Rose.

I LOVE this song....I have already listened to it at least 15 times, and each time I listen to it I love it more and more!

I came across a great live performance of this song...from a show back in 1986!  Check it out...