Pix With Santa!

Migs Blog

December 5, 2017

So yesterday we had a listener named Ken, who is one of Santa’s helpers, come in to take a pictures with our show!

Well it turns out that we saved a few dollars by having a friend on the “inside”, as I was reading that malls all over the country have been jacking up their prices for photos with Santa. 

There is a mall in New Jersey where you can buy a "fast pass" pack that helps you skip the lin.  Not kidding!  It costs $50 and you get 14 different-sized prints.

At a mall in Florida, there are packages that cost $29 or $56 . . . and if you want to do multiple poses it's another $20.  If you want the digital file of the pictures it's another $15. WOW!

The  most expensive might be in New York City, where there's a special studio for Santa photos.  The packages start at $135 . . . and if you want any retouching, you're looking at $325.

Thankfully we got these pix for free…but I have to say… I would have paid good money for this moment with Santa!