Steve Migs Blog 01/06/16 "7 Year Bitch"

January 5, 2016
Tomorrow is 90’s Something Day, and I didn’t plan it this way (great timing though) but I had one of my favorite bands from the 90’s on my podcast yesterday – 7 Year Bitch! 

7 Year Bitch is one of those bands that I look back on for shaping my musical taste as a teen.  I remember starting to get obsessed with Seattle music as a high school kid in Brooklyn, and I would get those mailers (this is WAY before the internet) from labels like Sub Pop and C/Z Records.  I would then order records based solely on if the album artwork looked cool.  That is how I discovered Mudhoney, and this is also how I discovered 7 Year Bitch – the cover of “Sick Em’” perfectly represented the band when I finally got a copy of the record.  Hard, heavy, abrasive, and an aura of “we don’t give a EFF”.

7 Year Bitch - Sick 'Em - CD 1998 C/Z Records Seattle WA

— extremely attractive (@vidalubaldo1) October 8, 2015

I listened to that record all the time, as well as their other two records: Viva Zapata! And Gato Negro…they  introduced me to a world where ladies can rock…opening my ears to music by L7, Babes In Toyland, PJ Harvey, Hole, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, and so many other groups.

We had “The Bitches” on the Migs Cast as they are releasing a live record that was just unearthed… it was from a show back in 1996 at the old rock club in Capitol Hill, “Moe”.  The record is called “Live At Moe” , and it will be available on 1/16 – get it at .

The band is going to be at the EMP on Sunday, January 17th for a live interview and autograph signing.  It’s a free event…get more info at .  
Here is our interview with Valerie & Elizabeth from 7 Year Bitch … they share some AWESOME stories!