Steve Migs Blog 01/14/16 "Not Today... the Song!"

January 13, 2016
You have to love the internet… the other day we played this audio of a woman giving the best interview with a news crew about an apartment fire.  Her descriptive approach to the interview was incredible…

“Nuh uh… Not Todaaaaaay!”
After we played that I wondered, “how soon until someone slaps auto tune on this and makes it a song?”  Well… the answer is a couple days, as this was posted!

I love this clip… Colin Cowherd is a radio and TV sports host that is originally from here.  He was doing his show this week when he got a call from a Vikings fan that wanted to make it clear that the Seahawks were lucky to win.  I always love this “you were lucky” attitude.  One fortunate play where the kicker misses the kick does not erase an entire game where the Hawks defense played like monsters and shut down the best running back in the league.  Here is the clip…

Look… in sports there will be lucky moments… a fumble, a tipped interception, a player tripping and missing a tackle… but at the end of the day, both teams played a great game.  If anything, Adrien Peterson should buy kicker Blair Walsh a new car or something, because that missed kick has taken all eyes of A.P. and how ineffective he was in the game!

Go Hawks… hopefully the fellas pull out a win and get “lucky”  this Sunday!