Steve Migs Blog 01/20/16 "National DJ Day?"

January 19, 2016
Today is a big day in our industry… it’s National DJ Day.  Yes, some idiot decided that today is the day to celebrate the radio disc jockey…or wait… are we celebrating the club DJ? The wedding DJ? DJ Jazzy Jeff?  Spinderella?  I’m confused. I think it's a dumb day, apologies to all my radio buds that are posting this on their social media thinking it's worthy of being a celebrated day.
You know what… I am making an executive decision.  If we are going to celebrate this as an actual stupid day… let’s celebrate the true hero in the DJ’ing world… the strip club DJ.
That’s right, the man providing the soundtrack to your gentleman’s club experience.  Without him…or her…are there any female strip club DJ’s?  If so…she should be stripping while DJ’ing…that would be some inception type magic at the club.  Oh sorry for the tangent… where was I…
Without him, who else would play sexually suggestive songs from all genres… like “My Pony”… “Pour Some Sugar On Me”…and the not so subtle “I’m In Love With A Stripper”.
Without him, we would never know when the 2 for 1 dances are happening.
Without him we wouldn’t be able to hear the music of Tool…but only the first 3 minutes because we can’t get a full length song for the dance.
Thank you Strip Club DJ… this is your day!

I just learned from my wife that today is also National Popcorn Day... THAT is a day I can truly celebrate!