Steve Migs Blog 01/25/16 "Cup Check!"

January 24, 2016
Talk about painful… sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you are wearing a cup in sports.  OK, it matters…but sometimes it still hurts when hit in the “boys”.  Today’s example is hockey player Matt Hendricks of the Edmonton Oilers.

Hendricks got the ultimate cup check in front of a Alex Goligoski slap shot.  Yes… he took it where no man wants a 90 mph shot to go!

Ow. Ow. Ow.  Check out his cup!

VIDEO: Oilers Matt Hendricks’ cup destroyed after taking slap shot in sensitive area

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) January 22, 2016

I feel his pain.  A few years ago my bud Yev took a shot so hard that not only did it crack my cup, but the puck was stuck in my pants during the game!  Here is the damage he did to my cup…

@12flynn12 @BleacherReport Ouch! I had that happen to me once too... a few years ago.

— Steve Migs - KISW (@ImSteveMigs) January 22, 2016