Steve Migs Blog 01/27/16 "Billy Joel!"

January 27, 2016
This morning I talked about how pumped I am that Billy Joel is coming to Safeco Field on May 20th.  No joke, I LOVE Billy Joel.  Ok…love is a strong word, but I LOVE his hit songs… “Uptown Girl”, We Didn’t Start The Fire”, “Only The Good Die Young”, “New York Statew Of Mind”, and my all time favorite…

While we were talking about it, a texter brought up something from my past that involved Billy Joel…

“Wow you can't just gloss over Billy Joel cussing out Kid Steve!”
For those that haven’t heard the story… I was about 10 years old.  This was back in the day that you could go to an airport and wait for someone right by the door they come out of after getting off a plane.  My family and I were waiting for my Uncle to get off a plane from his trip to Club Med.  While we are waiting for him… Billy Joel comes off the plane.  I  was freaking out.  This was the very first celebrity I have ever seen.  I asked my parents if I could go say hi to him, and they said “sure”.  I run over to Billy Joel… look up at him… I say “Hi Billy Joel”.  Billy doesn’t stop walking…barely looks down at me and said “F*** Off Kid”, and keeps walking.  I was devastated.  When I got old enough to truly reflect on that story, I realized how incredibly AWESOME it was that Billy Joel cursed me out. 

After sharing this, we were flooded with texts from listeners that were also cursed out by a celebrity…here are a couple of my faves…
In the 90s at a wrestling show I yelled at Jim Ross and he told me "Suck my a**!"
Late 70's. I was cursed out by Johnny Cash.
I got cussed out by the dumbest band ever Sugar Ray – Big Hoffy
I got cursed out by Leonard Nimoy at a photo summit in 2002. Best day of my life!
When I was a kid I went to spring training for the angels and got cursed out by Andre Dawson from the Cubs
Got cursed out by Kevin DuBrow - Randy inTacoma
Got cussed out by Chuck Liddell when he was pissed drunk in Waikiki
4 years ago my daughter got caused out by the boondock saints at ECCC.
I got yelled by coach Ditka!

I was 13 yes old at summer jam and had a backstage pass when I saw Busta Rhymes coming up to the stage stairs!! I had already taken pics with several artists and I asked him to take a photo with me..... He didn't say a word-just looked at his body guard and this huge man got in my face pushing me away and cursing at me as if I were some kind of threat!!! I was a little girl that loved Busta!! Hate him since then tho. -Melissa, in west Seattle