Steve Migs Blog 02/01/16 "Richard 'The Wrassler' Sherman"

January 31, 2016
Yesterday was the Pro- Bowl…for the first time in years I actually watched it.  The reason being was that there were Seahawks actually playing in it.  Props to Russell Wilson and Michael Bennett of the Hawks, as they were named Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP respectively!    Michael Bennett was easily the MVD as well…Most Valuable DANCER!

That's Michael Bennett.
With mascots.
at the #ProBowl.

— NFL (@NFL) February 1, 2016

The true MVP for me was Richard Sherman.  Why is that?  Because he was all about the wrasslin’ at the Pro-Bowl.  First off, he tried to give Clay Matthews an RKO Outta Nowhere!

ICYMI: @Seahawks' @RSherman_25 tried to #RKOOuttaNowhere @Packers' @ClayMatthews52 at the @NFL #ProBowl. @RandyOrton

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 1, 2016

And after the game… he jokingly gave Tyler Lockett a Stone Cold Steve Austin “Stunner”!

What happens when you try @RSherman_25 with a sorry receiver like @TDLockett12..#ProBowl

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) February 1, 2016