Steve Migs Blog 02/02/16 "Craig Gass At Super Bowl Media Day!"

February 1, 2016
Yesterday was media day for the Super Bowl, and one of the most talked about moments involved our bud, comedian Craig Gass... who had a "moment" with Peyton Manning of the Broncos...

We want to thank @craiggasscomedy for helping Peyton Manning deliver the funniest moment of #SBOpeningNight#Omaha

— AtTheBuzzer (@TheBuzzerOnFOX) February 2, 2016

Man that’s awesome! OMAHA!  Craig was quick to correct himself, as Alan Greenspan is NOT from Omaha.  Criag wrote, "Oh, and can I point out that I meant Warren Buffet instead of Alan Greenspan? Not that I think anyone cares at this point, but I had a brain fart and switched up rich dudes in my head."

Here is Craig's view from that moment with Peyton...

Craig Gass has a GREAT idea for Peyton Manning

THANK YOU to everyone who made this moment go viral in the last hour! Here's how the whole thing with Peyton Manning unfolded.... LOTS more coming in the next couple of days!

Posted by Craig Gass on Monday, February 1, 2016

Craig always has some fun moments at the Super Bowl Media Day circus… a couple years ago he had this fiune moment with Russell Wilson…

Here are more fun highlights from the time Craig invaded media day when the Hawks were there!