Steve Migs Blog 02/03/16 "Rules On Contacting BJ"

February 2, 2016
BJ has the strangest rules sometimes.  It’s really impossible to keep up with all the odd stipulations that he has in life.  This morning BJ was in a mood because someone didn’t follow one of his rules when it comes to his phone/contacting him.  The problem is that these rules that he has concocted are nowhere to be found as a reference.  So I decided to help out BJ, and I am posting BJ’s Contact rules. 

Please refer to this if you are planning on reaching BJ.

When do you email BJ?  You email him for stuff that doesn’t need attention right away.  You also email BJ when it’s business related.
Facebook & Twitter:  You use these when you want to say, as BJ stated, “What’s up”.  This is the form of communication you use if you want to send him “dumb cat memes”, etc.
Text:  You only text BJ if you need an answer to something immediately.  Otherwise Email him.
Call:  You only call BJ if it is an emergency. 
Facetime:  If you aren’t BJ’s wife, you do not Facetime him.  He expects that the person on the other line is naked…otherwise why would you Facetime him?  Hence, why only his wife can do this.
I thought it was ridiculous hearing BJ list these rules on air…it’s even more ridiculous to type them out. 
What set him off was that someone used the Facebook “Call” feature where you can call someone through Facebook without knowing their number.  I had to test it out this morning….

Today we found out that The Real BJ Shea doesn't like it when someone calls him via Facebook, so naturally we did just that... - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Wednesday, February 3, 2016