Steve Migs Blog 02/05/16 "Panthers or Broncos?"

February 5, 2016
Up until now I was 100% rooting for the Broncos this Sunday – many of my buds are Broncos fans, and if the Hawks aren’t in the game I will pick the team that most of my buds are a fan of. I’m a good friend like that.  However…. HOWEVER… I watched Craig Gass’s video he just put out of him at Super Bowl Media Week…and I have to say, if I was picking the team I want to hang out with the most… I would have to go with the Panthers.  Both teams seem to have good dudes on it, but the Panthers players seemed to be having a lot of fun with Craig.  Plus, I love the Creed moment!  Check it out:

Speaking of football… did you see Marshawn Lynch yesterday?  He was a part of 2 different things that were funny for different reasons… first off… he was featured on Conan.  JUST LIKE LAST YEAR… Conan did a fun bit with a couple players in the Super Bowl.  Last year it was Beast Mode and Gronk… this time Conan had the Denver Broncos' Von Miller & the Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman play Doom.  They had a surprise guest…Marshawn Lynch!

Marshawn was also making news for addressing the rumors that he is retiring.  A TMZ guy asked him, and his answer was priceless.