Steve Migs Blog 02/16/16 "Grammys!"

February 15, 2016
Last night was the Grammy’s… there were a few things that are making news… from Taylor Swift taking a shot at Kanye (who took a shot at her in one of his songs), to Kendrick Lamar’s insanely awesome performance, to Adele and her technical issues.
Hell even if you weren’t watching the Grammy’s, if you were on Twitter…so many people were “Live Tweeting”.  This whole “live tweeting” trend is getting a little obnoxious.  I have to point at my own industry for being the worst offenders.  Hey radio pals… I get that you are watching the Grammy’s… I get that you want to be interactive with your audience…but if you are sending more than one tweet a minute… that’s just insane.  Nothing that you tweet is that important, you don’t have to comment on every little thing that happened.

That being said… I decided to “live tweet” too.  Only one issue… I only tweeted once. Oh, and another issue… I was watching the Grammy’s on a delay, as we DVR’d it and started watching it an hour after it started (so we could skip the awards part and just watch the performances… so technically my one “live tweet” was delayed by about 40 or so minutes.  Here was my ground breaking tweet:

That crappy sounding guitar was the only entertaining part of Adele's Grammy performance.

— Steve Migs - KISW (@ImSteveMigs) February 16, 2016

What am I talking about?  Here is Adele’s sounds like someone on an acoustic guitar is trying to ruin her performance.

Adele  explained what happened on Twitter after the show. "The piano mics fell onto the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was.  It made the sound out of tune." 

I do give her props though… I like the way she handles incidents like this.  She tweeted:  “Because of it though... I'm treating myself to an in n out. So maybe it was worth it.”
Like I mentioned earlier… Kendrick Lamar stopped everyone in their tracks with his passionate, intense performance.  Check it out:

Speaking of the Grammy’s… huge congrats to our buds in Ghost for winning a Grammy for “Best Metal performance”!