Steve Migs Blog 02/18/16 "R-S-T-L-N-E...R-E-V!

February 17, 2016
Today is the big day!  The Reverend En Fuego is off to the city of angels to fulfill a lifelong dream of his… to be a contestant on The Wheel Of Fortune!  Yes, the Rev is going to spin the wheel…buy some vowels…and hopefully win big!  Let’s hope he doesn’t screw up like this epic error from a while back…

Hell…just last night there was a screw up on the show.  Granted it didn’t hurt the contestant, but still a funny moment non etheless!  A husband and wife team solved a puzzle and won a trip to Venice.  Pat Sajak asked them what COUNTRY they were going to…and it turns out the husband knows even less about  geography than me!

Good luck Rev!  Of course I want you to win…but I would be lying if I didn’t partly hope for a Rev meltdown in the process!  Do us proud Rev!  Flip out on Pat…flip over the wheel and storm off…or something!  Ok… in all honestly, kick ass Rev…win a million dollars…because you did say on air that if you win the million, you are buying all of us breakfast from Voula’s Off Shore Café!

It's crazy to think that it was back in July of last year when this process started for the Rev... I am so beyong excited for him!