Steve Migs Blog 02/19/16 "Ellen and Adele!"

February 18, 2016
I am about to mention 2 celebrities that will most likely make you roll your eyes.  No…not Bieber & Kanye.

Ellen and Adele (I know, I know) did something pretty damn funny yesterday.  Look… I have been very vocal about how I am not a fan of Adele’s music… I do have to say though that she seems like a pretty cool lady. 

As for Ellen… well, I don’t care if it’s not cool… I LOVE Ellen, I think she comes off as one of the coolest and funniest television personalities. 

Yesterday Adele was on Ellen’s show…and they had a funny bit where Ellen sent Adele to a Jamba Juice and would feed her things to say in an ear piece…enjoy!