Steve Migs Blog 02/23/16 "Quincy Jones...the Comic!"

February 22, 2016
Sometimes you come across something thyat will just stop you in your tracks and make you think.  No I am not talking about the couple that said no to Rob Gronkowski’s offer to pay them $10,000 to have sex in public at his Gronk Cruise…although that is crazy!

My bud, comedian Craig Gass, posted a link to a comic that is dying of cancer.  The comic is originally from Seattle and his name is Quincy Jones (no, not THAT Quincy Jones – the record producer).  He has a type of cancer that is not curable, and he has less than a year to live. 


What isn’t devastating is this guys spirit.  All he wants to do before he leaves this planet is to film an hour long stand up special…something that will live forever when he is gone.  This hit me in the feels for sure.  This man is dealing with a death sentence, and all he wants is for his art to live on. 

I think that is such a powerful statement.  As a guy that plays music, that is why I love to record…that is also why I love to record the live performances…because that moment will live forever…no matter what life will hand me, I have recordings of something I helped create.  There is something very special about that.  But for me, I just want to look back on those moments as I grow older. 

For Quincy…there is no growing older…I really can’t wrap my head around that.

So Quincy’s friend, Nicole Blaine, learned of what he wants to do…and she is doing all she can to see it through.  She did the math and figured that in order to film a special for him, it would cost nearly $5000.  She set up a Kickstarter for this… and within a ferw days she has already gotten over 400 backers and as I type this has raised over $18,000! 

$18,000…and all she wanted was $5000.  Wow.

Obviously they hit their goal…but take a moment to watch the video on the Kickstarter page.  Read the story…and hell…donate some more money!  Help make this happen.

The part in the video that is so powerful is when he says that he might have cancer before and after his comedy sets, but when on stage...he is cancer free.