Steve Migs Blog 02/23/16 "Reporter Vs. Stray Dog"

February 28, 2016
A reporter in Tennessee was trying to report on a Donald Trump event over the weekend, but just when they cut to the live shot a stray dog started jumping up on him. 

He had to abandon the report because the dog wouldn't leave him alone. This video is priceless!

.@earleonfox13 this is GOLD!

— Brittani (@BrittaniD_Fox13) February 26, 2016

Props to this Earle guy…he took that moment with the dog and turned it into something that he and others can learn from.  I looked at his twitter page, and he posted this today…

Going live at Humane society of Memphis. Tips on what to do if you encounter a stray dog.

— Earle Farrell (@earleonfox13) February 29, 2016