Steve Migs Blog 02/24/16 "Danger Jim Rules!"

February 23, 2016
I was chatting with a radio bud from St. Louis and he was talking about how there is a news reporter in his town that is always sent out to the worst conditions.  I thought that was hilarious, as we have our own reporter like that here in Seattle… KING 5’s Jim Forman! Jim is a legend!

Comic Craig Gass has a great comedy routine about Jim and how Jim is always put in the worst places.  WTO Riots…put Jim in the middle of it as tear gas is whizzing by.  High winds?  Put Jim on top of the Space Needle!
Hell...I remember this fine video clip we came across…

While I was screwing around on You Tube… I came across this gem… a remix of Jim on TV set to techno music!  I can’t believe I never saw this before!