Steve Migs Blog 02/25/16 "Damn Daniel?!?"

February 24, 2016
Ok…I’m officially too old for this crap.  I try…I swear, I try to not be the guy that thinks anything that teens do is beyond annoying.  I am aware we were just as annoying as teens these days when were the same age.  But honestly…what constitutes entertainment these days?  This?

Damn Daniel

— josh (@josholzz) February 16, 2016

Yup…what you just watched is the new big thing on the internet.  A high school kid coming up to his fellow high school buddy and commenting on his shoes by saying “damn Daniel”.
Yes.  Damn Daniel. 
This has become such a rage that these guys are on Ellen. 

I do have to say they did a great job on Ellen, and I don’t begrudge these guys for embracing the fame…good for them.  I just don’t get why people are going nuts about it.

In honor of this stupid Damn Danny craze. I present to you #DamnToppy

— Steve Migs - KISW (@ImSteveMigs) February 25, 2016