Steve Migs Blog 03/02/16 "A Kid's Haircut!"

March 1, 2016
As a kid, I did a lot of dumb things while growing up…just like any kid.  Hell, BJ always loves to bring up the time that I decided it would be a good idea to use this life size suit of armour statue that my parents had as a urinal.  They were not too pleased about that.  Or the time I wedged my head between tha bannister on our homes staircase…again, they weren’t too pleased. 

There is a video that is spreading online that makes me think of another dumb thing I once did.

Have you seen this video?  It’s hilarious!  Some little kid thought it would be a good idea to grab his father's electric razor, and ended up shaving the whole front half of his head!  HAHAHAHAHA!

He left the back alone…THIS KID RULES.  Check it out:

Man I am part glad and part bummed that the internet wasn’t a thing when I was a kid.  I feel like my parents could have had a field day with all the dumb things I did.  I love what this kid did, because I remember that I once did something similar.  When I was a kid, I was obsessed with wrestling.  Oh wait…I still am.  My favorite wrestlers were The Road Warriors!

I was especially fond of Road Warrior Hawk.  Which is why I always smile when I hear any KISW promo that has that growling voice that says “THAAAAAA ROOOOOOOK!”, as that is the voice of The Hawk.  No lie.  Our boss, Sgt. Hairclub…many years ago, before Hawk passed away, paid him a few hundred bucks to record that line.  I love that his voice lives on forever on the station I work for.

Sorry that was a slight digression.  Getting back to the kid.  When I was a kid… I wanted to look like Road Warrior Hawk.  The idea of getting muscles seemed like too much work, so I would get Halloween makeup and make my face look like him, and one time I grabbed my dogs hair clippers, and shaved my head to look like him. Now understand, he didn't have a normal hair was an inverted mohawk!

"Oh What A Rush" - Road Warrior Hawk#Blackhawks #ChicagoHistory #BecauseItsChicago @CMPunk @RWAnimal @Billy

— Chicago History (@Chicago_History) May 28, 2015

My mom was PISSED!  I don’t even think if there was an internet that she would have shot some video…hell there are no pictures of me looking like this as my mom didn’t want to document my stupidity. 

#tbt showing love for Hawk & Animal.  #RoadWarriors #LegionOfDoom

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