Steve Migs Blog 03/07/16 "Cupcake Is The Champ!"

March 6, 2016
Holy crap!  Did y’all watch UFC 196?  If you missed it, you missed an incredible card…especially the last 2 fights.  The main event was crazy, as a bloodied Nate Diaz was able to beat Conor McGregor with a rear naked chock hold.  That was quite the upset…but the big upset was the prior bout between the champ Holly Holm and Tacoma’s own, Miesha "Cupcake" Tate. 

Many thought this would be an easy win for Holly…and in the second round the MMA world quickly realized that Miesha was giving it her all, as she almost beat Holly in that round.  Eventually the fight went to the fifth and final round, and if it was going to go to a decision…Holly would most likely have won it, but Miesha got her in a rear naked choke and won the title! 

Speaking of fighting… I finally saw Creed over the weekend.  Wow…I loved that movie so much that I watched it on Saturday night, and then again on Sunday.  This is truly the next evolution of the Rocky balboa franchise…Stallone and Michael B. Jordan were awesome in the film.  Check it out on demand if you haven’t yet! 

I also watched that new Seth Rogan film, The Night before…how was that?  Well, not every movie is going to be a home run.  This was an infield single at best.  Some OK moments, but for the most part the film kind of stunk.