Steve Migs Blog 03/11/16 "Joey Ryan...King Of (WHAT) Style?!?"

March 10, 2016
2016 is going to go down as the “Year Of The Dong”…or the “Year Of The Rooster”.  There seems to be too many stories that are all about the package.  On Wednesday I blogged about how we have Donald Trump and Marco Rubio having actual conversations during press conferences and debates about the size of The Donald’s  “hands”…then Hulk Hogan is in the middle of a lawsuit where he needed to differentiate the difference between “Huk Hogans”…uh…python, and Terry Bollea’s (his real name).

As we are talking about this, I shared with BJ the latest “thing” going on in the world of wrestling.  It has nothing to do with the WWE…there is a guy on the independent circuit named Joey Ryan, who is the most talked about guy these days…and it’s all because of the dong. 

This guy is making waves in the wrestling world for his move that involves…yes…his “member”.  Here you go…

It’s gotten so crazy that everywhere he wrestles he has to do that wiener move!

Imagine being some local wrestler…a promoter comes up to you and says:

Promoter: “Hey kid…I have you in the main event”. 
Wrestler: “Awesome…who am I grappling with?” 
Promoter: “Joey Ryan.”
Wrestler: “Does this mean I have to put my hand on his…”
Promoter: “Yup”
Wrestler: “Son Of A…”.
I have to give Joey credit… he's taking the ball and running with it.  Hell, he’s got T-Shirts saying “King Of Dong Style”. Also... he is awesome in the ring (he is great in Lucha Underground), and appears to have a great sense of humor.

This isn’t the only waves that Joey has made in wrestling recently.  Joey was wrestling a woman, who is his real life girlfriend, and in the middle of the match he got down on a knee and PROPOSED!

I don’t know where Joey’s career will take him, hopefully to the top!  Hell... he is endorsed and does stuff for You Porn, That's nuts!  Ok, nuts...bad choice of words.  I give him credit… breaking through in the independent wrestling circuit is a hard…. Uh… crap…bad choice of words again for this blog…..I mean it is a DIFFICULT  thing to do!  I can't wait to see him wrestle in Dallas when I head there to go see Wrestlemania.  While there...I am attending WrestleCon...and Joey will be wrestling there!