Steve Migs Blog 03/16/16 "Peacock!?!"

March 16, 2016
Many many years ago in high school I tried playing rugby.  My buds started a rugby club, with hopes of eventually becoming a team that could play other schools.  I wound up joining the team, and learned quickly how violent and brutal of a sport rugby is.  My hat goes off to anyone that plays that sport.  That’s why when I see a story in the news that says “Rugby Player’s Penis Is Nearly Ripped Off During A Game”.  I am shocked, but not shocked.

The most shocking part of the story is that the guys name is  Haydn Peacock.  Peacock?!?

Do you think the other team knew this, and there was a bounty on his… uh… Peacock?
He posted on his Instagram page a picture of the incident…the look on his face sums it up best!

My question…I know you have to do whatever it takes to stop a guy, but when you look up and realize what you are holding…do you let go…or do you keep on holding on?

This Peacock guy is nuts (pun not intended, but surely applies to this story)…when asked if he will wear a cup from now on, he said no!  He said that a cup will slow him down.  I’m sorry, but after having my bud down there nearly ripped off…I’m wearing a cup, and then another cup over that cup.