Steve Migs Blog 03/17/16 "Taken Outta Context!"

March 17, 2016
Man…sometimes I am taken out of contest in the worst ways. Today was a great example of that. 

We came across a story about how not only women, but men also feel the pressure to groom the hairy parts of their body.  I of course have to be an idiot and share how I have put pressure on myself to groom better. 

Not because anyone is telling me too…and obviously I try to look my best for my wife as she always looks incredible.  But some of the pressure comes to spending time with the fellas in the locker room (hockey)…and being in the

"I spend a lot of time in the shower with other dudes!" - @ImSteveMigs #FlagThat

— The Rock of Seattle (@999KISW) March 17, 2016

To make matters worse…then this get’s posted…

"I got to look good for the boys in the shower!" - @ImSteveMigs #FlagThat

— The Rock of Seattle (@999KISW) March 17, 2016

This sounds TERRIBLE out of context.  In the hockey world (and I am sure in other sports worlds), we refer to guys, fellas, men, dudes…as “boys”.  But if you don’t know that…man that shines a strange light on me.  Thanks Vicky, ya jerk!