Steve Migs Blog 03/30/16 "RIP Sugar McGuinn"

March 29, 2016
Man…this has been a rough few months for musicians in the Northwest music scene, mainly bassists.  A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about my bud Aaron Huffman, bassist of Harvey Danger, who sadly passed away due to his lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis.  The other day I read that Joe Skyward, AKA Joe Bass from The Posies (as well as other bands like The Long Winters, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sky Cries Mary, and more) passed away after a two-year long battle with cancer at the age of 57.

Yesterday I learned that a bud of mine that I was briefly in a band with, Sugar McGuinn, died in a motorcycle accident.  Ugh.  Sugar was one of the founding members of my bud's band, Brent Amaker & The Rodeo.  He was truly one of the good guys!  A sweet, funny, friendly dude. And a monster on the bass. 

Many many years ago, when my band broke up…I started a band with Sugar and the singer/guitarist of my old band.  We never played a show live, but spend many days in a practice space making noise and writing songs.  We came up with the most ridiculous name, we were called “The Vaginas”.  Yes it was a very….very dumb name, but I’ll never forget it.

Like I mentioned earlier… he was a member of The Rodeo, which started right around the same time as our band with the classy name.  He was in so many bands, but the Rodeo was definitely my favorite.  He kept his bass lines so simple in that band, so every note he hit mattered.  Man, I still can’t wrap my head around that he is gone.  Here are a couple of my favorite songs by Brent Amaker & The Rodeo.  Rest In Piece Sugar.


If you are able to help out, or at least share this…a Go Fund Me was set up to help his wife out throughout this incredibly tough time.