Stone Temple Pilots Asked Migs To Jam With Them!

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October 4, 2017

Yesterday was my birthday…and I got the ultimate birthday gift from of all people…


We had guitarist Dean DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz from STP on the MigsCast to chat about the 25th 25th Anniversary reissue of their debut record, "Core".  I already got the super deluxe edition…and it’s full of great demos from that time…and it has their MTV Unplugged performance from that time on it as well.  Seiously this is a must have for any Stone Temple Pilots fan!

While we were chatting with them…it was very apparent that they were talking to a few STP fans…and when they found out that Glenn (from Windowpane) and I play guitar and drums respectively...they invited us to join them on stage the next time that the band comes to Seattle (they are working on new music with a new singer, and a tour will follow).

Here is that moment!  They actually sound very serious about this!

Check out the full interview on this week’s MigsCast…it’s a fun one (their interview starts at about 50 minutes in).