Thank You Seattle Hockey Fans!

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March 2, 2018

Dear Seattle sports fans…


Thank you for proving something I have said for 20 years (since moving here)…that we want an NHL franchise, and Seattle would be a great market for a team.

Now I know nothing is 100%, as there is no guarantee that by 2020 we will have a pro team, but yesterday was a massive statement as over 30,000 people put down a deposit to say that they want season tickets if we get an NHL team. I can't wait for around June, as that would be when we will find out if the NHL grants us a new team.

Yesterday we had Tim Leiweke and Jerry Bruckheimer in studio.  They are the guys that are trying to bring the NHL to Seattle (part of the Oak View Group), and they joined us to help promote the season ticket drive.  Their hope was to get 10,000 deposits…as that would be a great statement to the NHL that we want a team.

The drive started at 10am, where people could go to to make a deposit.  Soon after that…this tweet comes out from them:

Since then it's over 30,000...triple of what they hoped for!

I can’t lie…when I saw this tweet, I instantly got goose bumps.  The reason being is that hockey is my favorite sport…I have so many great friendships because of the sport…so many incredible memories…and all I ever hoped for is to have a team here….a home team!

Yesterday after the news came out, I celebrated in the best way I know how….by playing some hockey.  It was cool to share the moment with my bud, former NHL player, Jamie Huscroft!  Jamie is truly the ultimate ambassador for Seattle Hockey… he is super involved with the community and you can see him at Renton Ice all the time with the SnoKing Hockey program.

If you missed our chat with Tim and Jerry…check it out here…