What Is A Hulk-A-Minion?

Migs Blog

October 24, 2017

If you have been listening to our morning show for the past few weeks, I have been talking about dressing up as a Minion…dressed up as Hulk Hogan…yes, a Hulk-A-Minion!

Well last Friday night at 321 Battle’s Horror Business, I did just that…and I have to say it turned out pretty sweet!  I have to attribute that to…saying my prayers…and eating my bananas…brother!!

Thanks to Sam Grahn for capturing this pic of me when I first came out!

Usually when I come out of the curtain at 321 Battle, my theme song is “Press Gang” by The Murder City Devils (one of my all time favorite songs)…so I decided to keep the organ intro…but have it kick into the Hulkster’s theme song, “Real American”

Big thanks to 321 Battle’s videographer, Dan Lammers, for this video…here I am coming out of the curtain…and here I am when Minion-Mania ran wild before doing a coin flip!

I wasn’t the only person to dress up for Horror Business…all of us involved with 321 Battle got super creative.  Check out the pictures and recap that Sam Grahn took!