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Migs Blog: Insurance Scam!

Here is a great reason why you should have a dash cam on your car! A woman in England was driving down a side street and some dude on a scooter tried to pull an insurance scam on her by backing up into her on purpose. He then threw himself on the hood of her car and slid off like he had been hurt…... Read More

Migs Blog: Bobby Fish!

This week on my podcast, "Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling", I chat with Bobby Fish. Bobby was in town a couple of weeks ago for Defy Wrestling ...and we chatted while in the Men's Lounge (aka...the bathroom) before he wrestled at the Temple Theater in tacoma. The timing of me sharing this turned... Read More

Migs Blog: NXT Champ Bobby Roode!

This Friday the WWE’s NXT is coming to Seattle, as it will be at The Paramount Theater. Of course I will be there…and also the NXT Champ, Bobby Roode will be there too! Click HERE to get tickets! Bobby is having quite the run with the WWE, and I couldn’t be happier for him…the dude has been one of... Read More

Migs Blog: Jim Breuer Rocks!

I've said this before, and any chance I can say it again I will... Jim Breuer is the best! He is truly my favorite stand up incredible story teller...and a fellow metal head! Jim is going to be coming to town at the end of the month, July 28th & 29th at The Parlor Live (hell yes I... Read More

Migs Blog: Wrestling Penguins?

Sometimes it's the simple things that bring me great joy. Over the weekend my wife and I went to the Woodland Park of the first things we saw while there were some penguins. A couple of the penguins were just standing side by side...practically motionless...check them out: Next thing you... Read More

Migs Blog: Angelina Love Rules!

Over the last few months I have become increasingly more involved in the world of wrestling…granted I have been an obsessive fan of wrestling since I was a kid, but recently I have been neck deep into the world of indie wrestling. From being the ring announcer and host of Defy Wrestling to being... Read More

Migs Blog: Nirvana RadioShack!

This is a trip to watch! Many many many years ago there was a band called Ted Ed Fred. And Ted Ed Fred played at a RadioShack in Aberdeen. You probably missed it...I know I actuality they were playing there to make a music video of sorts...but thanks to YouTube...someone uploaded this full... Read More

Migs Blog: Beer & Yikes!

I know I could never be on TV and be a reporter…but if I was, I feel like this would be an assignment that one of the producers would send me out to cover. Have you heard of the Hermosa Beach Ironman competition? It happened yesterday, and it’s not your typical ironman competition. In the Hermosa... Read More

Migs Blog: Chris Jericho & Corey Taylor

If you are a wrestling and a music fan…I have a great episode of my new wrestling podcast for ya! On this episode of “ Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling ”, I got to sit down and shoot the poop with WWE superstar Chris Jericho, and the front man for Stone Sour & Slipknot, Corey Taylor. Corey is a... Read More

Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling Tonight In Tacoma!

Tonight in Tacoma, join me for an awesome night of pro-wrestling, as I will be the host and ring announcer for Defy Wrestling’s “Defy4: Gigantic”. This will be an all ages event at Tacoma's Temple Theater! We are also doing “Defy 5: Gigantic” tomorrow night in Seattle at Washington Hall (21 and up... Read More