XFL Yeah!

February 18, 2020

Hola Bitcholas,

I am a football fan. Have been since age 7 and have spent decades riding the roller coaster of fandom. It's exhausting, more-often-than-not it's heartbreaking, occasionally it's celebratory but it's ALWAYS entertaining. So the XFL got me excited.  Straight up.

This past Saturday I went to the Dragons' home opener...with about 29,000 of my closest friends. And it was f**king awesome. ​Sure, the quarterback play could be better, but after only 2 weeks, let's assume that it will. It will.  

Either way, I'm all in. Have the merchandise to prove it!

Anyway, at the stadium, I wanted to get some Mens Room Sausage. It's what my son and I do; Sounders, Seahawks, and now the Dragons....we each get a sausage and bro the f**k out.  


Uli's sold out of our sausage BEFORE halftime!  In fact, Brian (from Uli's) explained that they sold more Mens Room Sausage before halftime at the Dragons game than they sell through an ENTIRE Seahawks game.

Confirmed: They'll bring many more next time!

GO DRAGONS!!!  Loving these sausage- eating mythical reptiles.  And it's f**king cool to know that my fellow Dragons' fans enjoy our sausage. Drag on! (Oh yes, yes I did.)

Mens Room Original Sausage in Section 138!

You can help keep the league strong by grabbing a few tickets KNOWING you'll be able to enjoy Mens Room Original Sausage in Section 138 at Century Link Field!

And you never know who you'll run into in the beer line!

Go Dragons!

You can order Mens Room Original Sausage by the link at the Clink, on Washington State Ferries and at various restaurants in the area OR order it by the pound HERE!
*Every link or pound you enjoy goes toward helping the military members and their families that utilize our local Fisher Houses, so stack the grill high and know you're doing a great thing!


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


And catch us LIVE weekdays on the Radio.com app, just look for KISW!