Animals, You Crazy!

October 9, 2017

Hola Bitcholas,

Among other things, we talked a lot about animal attacks because, frankly, there were a lot of animal attack stories in the news. There was a woman who was eaten by wolves while hiking in Greece. I didn't know there are wolves in Greece...and I'm thinking she didn't know either. According to authorities, the only remains were a few meatless bones and her passport. Hiking in Greece is no longer on the bucket list. It never actually was, but the wolf thing insures that it'll never make the list.

Then there's the Australian surfer who was attacked by a Great White Shark. Yeah, he survived, but he was f**king attacked by a Great White Shark. At one point the shark had his LIP in its mouth. Think about that. Dude was LITERALLY face-to-face with a shark. Not cool.  

The thing that really bugs us is that in Australian waters, a Great White Shark is SECOND on the list of sh*t you don't wanna deal with. Salt Water Crocodiles. These things are far more terrifying than sharks.   

See, as the 'experts' say it, sharks confuse surfers for seals (or some such), so AFTER they take a chunk outta you and determines that you are NOT a tasty seal, it'll let you go, say "my bad" and swim away. Sure, you might bleed out, but the shark had you confused.

Salt water crocs, they don't give a flying blue monkey's ass what YOU think you're dinner.   

Still though, I'd rather deal with the pack of wolves I think. Maybe.  

Animals...They be crazy.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best aNd STAY BEAUTIFUL!