The Backdoor of This Hotel Serves Wine!

March 12, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

For today's "Shot of the Day" we toasted artist Joep Van Lieshou. Who is Joep Van Lieshou? Fair question, and I have an answer.

Joep is an artist who built an entire hotel in the shape of an anus. Seriously. It's the recreation of an anus, complete with a butt hole...which, as best I can tell, is the entrance. Shoulda been the 'exit', but I digress.  

Anyway, the place is called CasAnus Hotel and it's open for business...if you wanna stay in an artificial anus.  

I'm all for this idea, but when was the "ah-ha moment" where this guy said, "I need to make an anus hotel!"?  More than that, how did he convince the people whose property it's on that this is a good idea? In other words, who's more likely swimming in lunacy, the artist or the financial backers?

Who's dummer; the person who 'created' the Pet Rock or the people who bought it? How about the 'Snuggie'? That was a huge thing for a minute until people realized that a 'Snuggie' is a backwards bathrobe. There are so many stupid things out there that we spend on, why not a night at CasAnus Hotel?

That's what I've got.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!